vIDix™ - IDimage™

IDimage™ is the badge management software available within the vIDix suite.

IDimage™ speeds up the badge issuing process, allowing the user to design badges on screen quickly and efficiently.  IDimage™ design features include easy-to-use interface complete with copy and paste elements, group-able objects, and true view bar codes. Text information as well as optional photo, or finger print can be stored in a database for easy reporting.

IDimage™ is available in 3 levels:

  • Business
    • Single local Microsoft® Access 2000 Database 
    • Five general purpose designs
    • Photo & signature
    • Import text utility
    • Export one image at a time
    • No concatenation or conditional printing


  • Corporate
    • Unlimited local Microsoft® Access 2000 Databases
    • Unlimited designs
    • Import and export text and images
    • Photo, finger print, signature (one each)
    • Images stored inside the database
    • Concatenate & conditional printing
    • Advanced search function


  • Enterprise
    • Network capable
    • ODBC & OLE-DB Compliant
    • Import and export text and images
    • Unlimited images and fingerprints and one signature per record
    • Images can be stored inside or outside database
    • Store badge design with the record in database
    • Auto select design


Features of IDimage™

  • Simple and easy to use

  • Captures signatures and photographs

  • One-click acquisition from digital camera

  • Automatically connects to database

  • Supports most industry standard bar codes

  • Define multiple badges on a single page

  • Automatic font sizing

  • Create databases using wizard

  • Add fields on the fly


Uses of IDimage™

  • Schools & universities

  • Corporations

  • Clubs & social organizations

  • Hospitals

  • Conference facilities

  • Park Districts

  • Prisons

  • Fitness Clubs

  • Airports

  • Preferred customers ID


IDimage Feature List

IDimage Feature Comparison


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